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Basic MSDS

If you require a basic MSDS, it will be prepared for U.S. and Canadian compliance and meet all current Canadian requirements and all US OSHA, US DOT, US EPA SARA requirements, and related regulations. The MSDS format CSA uses meets all the requirements of the ANSI Standard Z400.1-2004.

Each MSDS will include a corresponding Technical Resource Document. This is a "bibliography" document that provides you with information on each reference source used for the preparation of each section of the MSDS. This document enables you to verify the information supplied by us and also gives you readily available resource information should one of your customers call into question the information we provide or want to know the source of the information.

Based on the the full composition information for the product provided by you, CSA will determine the appropriate hazard information that needs to appear in the MSDS, using our extensive chemical information files and on-line databases to which we subscribe. The scientific data incorporated into each document will be the most up-to-date information available at the time of preparation.


In order to prepare your MSDSs, certain proprietary information must be disclosed to CSA. We realize that information on your formulations must be kept in the strictest confidence and routinely execute a Confidentiality Agreement prior to work being initiated. You can download and review our standard Confidentiality Agreement by clicking here. If your company has its own Confidentiality Agreement that you would prefer to use, we will be happy to use it.

What We Need from You to Produce Your MSDS

  • Your company name, logo, address, and business phone number. A 24-hour emergency phone number.
  • The full composition information for the product, including chemical names, CAS numbers, and either the exact percentage or percentage range of each component in the product.
  • Any physical property information (e.g., color, form, odor, melting point, boiling point, flash point, specific gravity) that you have.
  • Providing the CAS numbers for components may be essential since some chemical names are used for more than one unique compound.
  • If you currently have other information on your products, such as the results of in-house toxicological studies, physical property values, etc, provide this information to us when you are submitting all other information.
  • It is helpful to us to have copies of any previous MSDS that you have for your products.
  • If your products are mixtures of other chemical products (versus pure compounds) we will need to receive copies of the manufacturer MSDSs for each component product.

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