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Special Services

Rush Service

If you need an MSDS or label in a hurry (for example within two days), we will work with you to have it available in the time frame you require. There is a rush surcharge of 25% of the total billing for MSDSs required within 24 hours of ordering the document and 15% for 48-hour turnaround. Same day preparation carries a 100% surcharge.

PDF Format

MSDSs and labels are prepared in Microsoft Word format. We can covert all documents we prepare for you to PDFs at no additional charge.

Changes After Finalization

All documents are finalized per final approval by the Client. On occasion you may accept an MSDS or label as final and then several weeks later request further changes that are not based on technical content. In the event that you ask CSA to change an MSDS or label that has been previously accepted as final, and the change is not based upon an error on our part, there would be a charge for this based on the actual time spent. The hourly rate for this service is $95.00 per hour.

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