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If needed, a second MSDS can be prepared in which information is claimed as Trade Secret or Proprietary. CSA does not prepare Trade Secret MSDSs only. If a Trade Secret MSDS is required, CSA first prepares a Basic MSDS (which you can keep on file if a situation arises where a full-disclosure MSDS is needed) in which all composition information is given and then derives the Trade Secret MSDS (which is the document you normally distribute) from this document.

Not sure about regulations on Trade Secret MSDSs? Read some of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding disclosure of ingredients or contact us and we will help you figure it out.


In order to prepare your MSDSs, certain proprietary information must be disclosed to CSA. We realize that information on your formulations must be kept in the strictest confidence and routinely execute a Confidentiality Agreement prior to work being initiated. You can download and review our standard Confidentiality Agreement by clicking here. If your company has its own Confidentiality Agreement that you would prefer to use, we will be happy to use it.

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